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Durham, NC

Aminifu R. Harvey, MSW, DSW

Speaker  - Lecturer -Trainer -  Professional Development Facilitator

Dr. Harvey has consistently published, lectured, and conducted training addressing the human condition of all people with an emphasis on people of African descent. Additionally a recent book by Dr. Harvey: A READER OF AFRI-CENTRIC THEORY AND PRACTICE: Philosophical and Humanistic Writings of Aminifu R. Harvey. Recent articles include The Republican Party of Hustlers and Pimps: Trump, the Ultimate Hustler/Pimp, in Not Our President: New Directions from the Others, and the Clear Majority in Trump's Stolen America. His latest essay Black Panther: Reflections about the Movie: A Historical and Mystical Symbolism Phenomena, appears in Black Panther: Paradigm Shift or Scam.


Dr. Aminifu R. Harvey speaks to a philosophical approach to understanding our actions, behaviors, and thinking. He compares the components of an humanistic approach to an anti-humanistic approach. Thus, a better understanding of our personal, professional thoughts and behaviors, which is the basis for influencing how we interact with others and policy development.

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Here you can book an appointment for educational training. The areas and topics covered will be great for those who work in administration, academics, organization/corporations or if you're just looking to expand you of culture and diversity in an exciting new way that your personal and professional life in a humanistic approach!

Professional Development Facilitator

Aminifu's lectures and training are interactive, employing storytelling, humor, stimulating and self-disclosure. Yet at the same time providing information based on fact and applied interventions and data. Resulting in new paradigms, creative interventions, justice, and equality policies.

Whether it is a speaking engagement/lecture or an agency training,  you will leave transposed, enlightened and excited to apply your new approach to your personal and professional life.

A Reader of Afri-centric Theory and Practice: Philosophical and Humanistic Writings of Aminifu R. Harvey


Dr. Aminifu R. Harvey’s compilation of his selected writings is enormously important for those interested in Afrocentric theory and practice. Dr. Harvey has provided the necessary confluence between Afrocentric theory and practice and how this link can be used to explain and resolve the pressing mental and social problems that have afflicted people of African ancestry. His work is seminal because he is the first trained social worker in the U.S. to incorporate the cultural principles and practices of traditional Africa into the social work/human service professional’s written knowledge base.

$29.95 plus $7 S&H (shipping covers up to 3 books) 

Other Publications:

Harvey, A.R. (Ed.) (1985). The Black Family: An Afro-centric Perspective. New York: United Church of Christ Commission for Racial Justice.

Harvey, A.R., & Carr, T.L. (Eds.). (1982). The Black Mentally Retarded Offender: A Holistic Approach to Prevention and Habilitation.  New York: United Church of Christ Commission for Racial Justice.